LIVE SALE  ONLY - UVDTF - Decals & Wraps

LIVE SALE ONLY - UVDTF - Decals & Wraps

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Application Instructions

Clean the product you are applying the transfer to thoroughly

 Use a squeegee or plastic card to firmly press the stickers from the back. This will ensure it is firmly adhered to the carrier sheet

Peel the transfer off of the backing, ensuring all pieces lift off evenly Position the transfer and stick it onto the product.

 Once the transfer is applied, remove bubbles or wrinkles with firm pressure using a squeegee or plastic card.

After you smoothed the transfer out, apply pressure using your fingers to adhere evenly.

Finally, peel off the clear layer on the front of your design diagonally. Note: If the transfer pulls up with the clear layer, push it back down and firmly press it back into place before trying to remove the clear layer.